Learn Flamenco con Ms Eva Amador & Ms Reina Contreras

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Learn Flamenco con Ms Eva Amador & Ms Reina Contreras

If you want to learn how to dance Flamenco, this is perfect for you. You will receive detailed instruction on how to perform basic Flamenco movements such as:

- "Taconeo" basic Flamenco footwork;
- "Floreo" basic Flamenco hand movements;
- "Braceo" fundamental Flamenco arm action;
- "Palmas" Flamenco hand clapping; proper body movement, including hip swinging; how to work the skirt like a Flamenco dancer; and how to use "Castanets" as a dancing tool.

You will view exciting performance demonstrations, and will receive tips on how to get the "Flamenco Look and Mood".
Your Flamenco Master Teachers are Ms. Eva Amador and Ms. Reina Contreras of the Classical/Flamenco Dance Group, Cuadro Espanol, based in Central California, where traditions and secret dance techniques are passed on going back to Spain.


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